Colaberry Customer Support Performance

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1.The data analysis shows that West and south Region have a lower Y.O.Y % of -11% and -76% respectively within the range of two years. Hence, I recommend to invest significantly in advertising to create product awareness most especially on product such as Technology that generates high revenue so as to improve sales and attract new customers.

2. Consistent promotions ,offers and incentives to customers to encourage repeated sales.

3. The data analysis shows that some products are not selling so well. Office Supplies has the lowest sales 33k in the South Region. Therefore, I will recommend that the sales representatives Communicate with customers (this can be through survey, product rating etc.) to get their view on products and services so as to know areas to improve to increase customer satisfaction.

4. Marketing such as free samples give the customers a great deal of existence of the products or services in the market. In some instances, discounts give the customers the ability to try your products. The promotion can give way to attract more customers and at the same time maximize the number of existing users.

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Colaberry Customer Support Performance

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Colaberry Customer Support Performance

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Colaberry Customer Support Performance

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Colaberry Customer Support Performance

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Colaberry Customer Support Performance


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