National Park Service App (Boston) - iOS

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The Boston National Historic Park is a unique collaboration of federally, municipally and privately owned and operated historic sites associated with the colonial struggle for independence and the birth and growth of the nation. These nationally significant attractions are featured along Boston

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Problem Statement

Most people visiting the Freedom Trail travel in groups, and need a way to plan and coordinate their tours, yet the NPS mobile application does not facilitate planning Freedom Trail tours for groups.

Executive Summary

The National Park Service of Boston currently has a native mobile application that provides information about the historic sites, available tours, and maps of the historic park areas. The design challenge for this project was to create a feature that would accommodate the planning of group trips which is not available on the current application. Using data gathered from extensive user research my design team and I were able to come up with a few solutions to help users plan group trips, purchase tickets, and geographically locate themselves on the trails.

Data Dictionary

Key Takeaways

ost people wanted to know their location on the map

People wanted to pre-pay any fees or tickets that certain sites require

Most people wanted to know create a custom tour due to time contraints.

People want to share itinerary with the group they are traveling with

National Park Service App (Boston) - iOS

Next Steps

Within the Boston NPS Application, we designed a unique feature allowing the Freedom Trail visitors to create customized group tours, prepay their tickets, and share itinerary details with the members of their group. This will provide groups with a more enjoyable and streamlined experience of the Freedom Trail landmarks. We focused on the iOS version as most of our target users are iPhone users.

The challenge here was designing the new features while sticking to the existing brand and style guidelines. Without access to any of these, I had to create one of my own which imitated the current design as best as possible with the resources at hand.

National Park Service App (Boston) - iOS


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