Parimala Bharathy Lohandan Mohan Ram

Parimala Bharathy Lohandan Mohan Ram

Power BI Developer

Mckinney, Texas, United States.


As a Microsoft certified Power BI Developer, I bring extensive experience and expertise in developing end-to-end data solutions for clients across diverse industries, including Insurance, Energy, Banking, Retail, and Healthcare. With a deep understanding of Power BI, SQL, SSIS, and ETL processes, I am well-equipped to write complex queries, perform data transformations, and ensure error-free data ingestion. My passion for data visualization, keen attention to detail, and collaborative mindset enable me to deliver best-in-class solutions that empower businesses to make informed and data-driven decisions.

I am a proactive and detail-oriented team player dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With a strong focus on compliance and collaboration, coupled with a passion for innovation, I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to any organization seeking a dynamic and results-driven Power BI Developer.

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs

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Employment History 

  • Power BI Developer

    December 2020 - Present

    ⦁ Utilized Power Query in Power BI to pivot and un-pivot data model for data cleansing and data
    ⦁ Implemented several DAX functions for various calculations for efficient data visualization in
    Power BI.
    ⦁Designed, developed and deployed Dashboards and Reports that included; parameterized
    reports, drill down and drill through reports using SSRS.
    ⦁Performed requirement analysis and modeling of data in Power BI for real time dashboards and
    other reports.
    ⦁Worked with end-users and team members at all levels for performance improvement and
    ⦁Created dashboards and interactive visual reports using Power BI.

  • Data Analyst

    Client - USAA , Employer - IDC Technologies
    March 2018 - February 2019

    ⦁Sourced business requirements, definition and design of data source and data flows.
    ⦁Designed SSIS packages to bring data from existing OLTP databases to the new data warehouse
    by performing different kinds of transformations like lookup transformations, merge joins, fuzzy
    look ups, derived columns, conditional splits, data conversion with multiple data flow tasks.
    ⦁Created SSIS packages using various transformations and tasks like Sequence Containers, Script,
    For- loop and For Each Loop Container, Execute SQL/Package, Send Mail, File System,
    Conditional Split, Data Conversion, Derived Column, Lookup, Merge Join, Union All, flat file
    source and destination, OLE DB source and destination, excel source and destination etc.
    ⦁Designed SQL database tables to maintain historical data and error handling.
    ⦁Improved Performance of the database by creating Clustered and non-clustered Indexes and
    optimized the T-SQL statements using SQL profiler.

  • BI Developer

    March 2019 - November 2020

    Created t-SQL scripts, which generated tables, relationships, based on the finalized er-diagram.
    Identified the source, destination, staging area per ETL strategy and performed data cleansing and data profiling.
    Created SSIS packages for data loading utilizing various task and transformations within the SSIS.
    Performed troubleshooting of SSIS packages utilizing error logs, checkpoints, breakpoints, and data viewers.
    Developed various SSRS reports for data analysis.

Digital Credentials  

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