Bibiane Nsah

Bibiane Nsah

ETL/Data Warehouse Developer - Consultant

Concord, California, United States.


When I start working with your company, I will use my principle of doing it right the first time and produce quality work which will greatly represent your company and at the same time reduce, if not eliminate, unnecessary costs, time wastage, and technical debt.

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs

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Employment History 

  • Data Engineer/Data Warehouse Developer

    Colaberry Inc.
    November 2016 - Present

    • Creating complex SSIS packages with error handling, using various tasks and transformations like Sequence Containers, For Loop and Foreach Loop Container, Script, Execute SQL, Execute Package tasks, Send Mail, File System, Conditional Split, Data Conversion, Derived Column, Lookup, Merge, Merge Join, Row Count, Sort, Union All, flat file source and destination, OLE DB source and destination, excel source and destination, etc.
    • Transferring data from various OLTP data sources, MS Excel, JSON files, XML, Flat files, CSV files into SQL Server.
    • Configuring and scheduling SQL server agent Jobs to automate the business processes.
    • Creating and maintaining database mail to communicate reports to end-users.
    • Working on SSIS performance tuning using error handling, event handling, re-running of failed SSIS packages using breakpoints.
    • Troubleshooting, maintaining, and tuning database performance.
    • Troubleshooting T-SQL, SSIS package errors, and performance issues and addressing them as required.
    • Working with team members to gather business requirements, definition, and design of data source and data flows.
    • Migrating SQL Server database to AWS platform.
    • Creating databases in Amazon RDS and working with RDS system including PostgreSQL, Aurora.
    • Working with file-based Athena.
    • Creating a data warehouse using AWS Redshift.
    • Creating highly available, scalable, secure AWS S3 storage.

  • Procurement Specialist

    Schlumberger (Oil & Gas)
    July 2010 - August 2011

    • Maintained Supplier & Stakeholder Relationship Management, ensuring all opportunities to reduce
    cost and improve service were identified and implemented.
    • Raised purchase orders, updated new vendors data, performed goods receipt, and tracked and
    closed open purchase orders.
    • Sourced new products and services and established solid working relationships with vendors.
    • Selected new vendor for “Buy House Services,” securing significant cost savings through the bid

  • Procurement Coordinator

    Rodeo Development Ltd
    October 2011 - June 2012

    • Worked on P2P related initiatives or projects related to procurement function.
    • Worked with stakeholders to set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for vendors.
    • Contributed to significant reduction in operating costs through price negotiation and renegotiation.
    • Performed various systems tasks, including extracting data and creating management reports.
    • Ensured that business processes were always followed in capital projects.
    • Performed basic project management tasks as assigned and safety and supplier audits.

  • AWS Cloud Support Engineer

    Confidence IT & General Consulting LLC
    March 2016 - August 2017

    • Create approved user accounts, Roles, Groups and assign IAM Policies accordingly.
    • Set passwords and assist users with password reset and MFA configuration.
    • Create and manage AWS S3 Buckets, Policies, and IAM Role-based Policies.
    • Enable Versioning and Cross Region Replication
    • Data Migration to AWS using S3 Transfer Acceleration Service

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