Elisha Mbungkah

Elisha Mbungkah

Data analyst

Mesquite, Texas, United States.



Hours Available / Wk - 48 hrs

Employment History 

  • Contractor

    North American Security Service
    March 2021 - Present

    Review & analyze business requirements
    Analyze and interpret data to develop innovative solutions to support finance business and downstream finance applications.
    Design, develop, review, and deploy application updates to support the finance domain of the Cirrus claims adjudication application on the United Strategic Platform.
    Plan and test software updates. Troubleshoot and resolve defects or configuration changes.
    Design and implement performance and operational enhancements.
    Design reusable components, frameworks, and libraries using patterns that encourage innovation and will enable team velocity.
    Work closely with domain and dev architecture groups to design solutions that enable secure, scalable, and maintainable software and should be able to clearly articulate the implications of design/architectural decisions, issues and plans to technology leadership.
    Document application design for existing components and future enhancements to ensure that software meets business needs.
    Review code and provide feedback relative to best practices and performance improvements.
    Participate in an Agile/Scrum methodology to deliver high-quality software releases every 2 weeks through Sprints or Kanban program increments.
    Troubleshoot production support issues post-deployment and come up with solutions as required and participate in Dev-Ops support rotations.

Digital Credentials  

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