Christopher Reynolds

Christopher Reynolds

Qlik Developer

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States.


Proven track record of project success from conception to completion through a \"whatever-it-takes\" attitude and mentality. If it was spending and completing seven years of college for my undergraduate degree, or a 4.0 for my graduate degree, or playing college baseball as a catcher, or my coach of the year awards, or switching careers from education to business analytics and finding a new passion and love, I will never know everything but I will work endlessly and do whatever-it-takes to be successful. I have a wonderful background of being a great team player who can be implanted into any group or organization and be able to adapt and work with whomever on whatever project or situation.

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs

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Employment History 

  • Qlik Sense Developer

    Colaberry Inc.
    January 2019 - Present

    ● Project Management: Worked in agile teams, overseeing BI projects from start to finish, ensuring timely results.
    ● Scripting Expertise in QlikSense: Crafted scripts using functions like ApplyMap and Interval Match, showcasing deep platform understanding.
    ● Data Management Tools: Developed Data Flow Charts, Data Dictionaries, and Models, focusing on Retail Sales, Operations, and Digital Tools.
    ● Data Extraction & Storage: Transformed data from sources like Excel and flat files into QVWs, then into QVDs for better performance.
    ● SQL Skills: Created and fine-tuned database objects with T-SQL, emphasizing database efficiency.
    ● Qlik Data Architecture: Adopted a 3-layer architecture, using QVDs for data sharing across applications.
    ● QlikSense Application Creation: Developed interactive business applications, balancing backend and frontend tasks.
    ● Team Collaboration: Worked hand-in-hand with analysts and staff, focusing on problem-solving and root cause analysis.
    ● Training & Communication: Led QlikSense training for business users, promoting self-service BI capabilities.
    ● QlikSense Data Load Optimization: Utilized techniques like Binary, Partial, and Incremental Load for better performance and efficient data access.
    ● Issue Resolution: Teamed up with analysts and operational staff, supporting in troubleshooting and resolving challenges.

  • Head Coach / Teacher

    Mansfield ISD, Keller ISD, Everman ISD, and Fort Worth ISD
    August 2007 - December 2018

    ● Department Head ● Team Lead ● Managed between 130-180 students ● Head Social Studies teacher on campus to head all Social Studies classes and activities ● College and Career Readiness Facilitator ● Co-Head the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Department ● Collaborative work with assistant coaches ● Managed annual budget of $13,100 ● Designed and developed daily plans ● Managed between thirty-five-50 players ● Developed, organized, and implemented a yearly team schedule ● Greatly increased parent communication through meetings, technology, and collaboration ● Managed varsity tournament ●Collaborate with the district (AD, CFO, and maintenance) to improve the softball facilities ● Greatly improved program’s performance and quality of play ● Improved overall team’s winning percentage by 500% ● Worked with the principal and local church to get the field officially named ● Worked with a local church to help with field beautification ● Managed yearly team fundraiser for the program→ Raised over $4,000 annually ● Collaborated with parents and the community to build the program

Digital Credentials  

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