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Real Estate is defined as property, Land, buildings, and their rights above the land and underground right below the land. The term real estate means real or physical, property.
There are four types of real estate:
Any property used for residential purpose; it can’t be used for commercial & industrial purpose. Examples include single-family-home, duplexes, townhouses, cooperatives, and multi-family residences with fewer than five individual units and vacation homes. In residential real estate, the most common category is single-family homes.
2. Commercial
Commercial properties mainly consist of shopping centers, malls, medical and educational buildings, hotels, and offices. If apartment buildings are used as a residence for purpose of earning money, then they also fall into commercial property.
Therefore, we can say that all the properties used to produce money are covered under the commercial property.
3. Industrial
Industrial real estate includes a building that is used for research, production, storage, and distribution of goods. Also, the construction of a building or property also comes under industrial property.
There are also some buildings which distributes goods, but they come under commercial real estate. This classification also becomes important because manufacturing, sales, or zoning are handled differently.
The construction site of a property or the place used to make or distribute any item, all fall under the industrial property.
4. Land
Land means ground, plot, and field. The Land includes vacant land, farm, working fields, and any barren land. The subcategories of vacant land include undeveloped land, early developed land, reuse, and subdivision.

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Problem Statement

As the world real estate statistics show, the value of all the world’s real estate reached $326.5 trillion in 2020, a 5% increase on 2019 levels and a record high. Growth was driven by residential which is by far the largest real estate sector, accounting for all global real estate value. It saw its value increase over the year.
The world’s most significant store of wealth, real estate is more valuable than all global equities and debt securities combined.

Real estate Sales Dashboard

Executive Summary

in Dashboard there are different visual that show different Title , year, property type, Residential, scatter char and map show that both negative and positive sales.
The positive sales values which mean the year over year sales increase by 47% in 2004. the responsible dimension is the property type occurred on residential.
The negative sales which mean the year over year sales decrease by 37% in 2008. the responsible dimension is the property type occurred on residential.

Real estate Sales Dashboard

Data Dictionary

Real estate Sales Dashboard

Key Takeaways

My Dashboard visual insight show both negative and positive value.
The positive insight which means the year over year sales increase by 47% in 2004. the responsible dimension is the property type occurred on residential.
The negative insight which means the year over year sales decrease by 37% in 2008. the responsible dimension is the property type occurred on residential.

Real estate Sales Dashboard Real estate Sales Dashboard

Next Steps

Suggestions, Recommendations:
The data show the decreasing values of year over year sales in many years relatively the total number of years in the data. But the Global housing market statics shows high demand of house.
Therefore, to increase the real estate sales I suggestions the following action
1, Bathroom
The following things create a perfect
Stylish rugs: small rugs are the quintessential bathroom staple. Not only do they provide functionality when placed right next to the shower, but they’re also great accent pieces if the room has neutral tones.
Framed artwork: Statement artwork brings your personality into the bathroom.
Storage pieces: Whether you’re refurbishing a master bathroom or a powder room, there’s a ton you can do to maximizing storage.
Pieces to declutter. Choose an accent piece that works for the immediate needs like the towels, and then make sure that your closed-door storage can hold what you need so you don’t have to have bottles outside.
Soothing paint colors with accent wallpaper; To give your bathroom a tranquil feel, use neutral colors. The darker the colors are in the bathroom, the less you’re going to see the natural light.
Scent diffusers: A good scent is the hallmark of a luxurious bathroom
Good lighting: Dimmable overhead lighting is an attractive option for a bathroom, as you can set the mood based on the task, be it a bath or a shower.
2, Crucial Kitchen Improvements You Should Make Before Selling Your Home
Refresh your cabinets; If your cabinets are looking drab and dated but are still in good shape, you don’t need to replace them. Instead, pick up some good paint and brushes or a paint sprayer.
Sometimes a quick ‘face-lift’ to the kitchen cabinets can go a long way.
If cabinets are darker natural wood or a polarizing color, we recommend painting either soft white or greige.
Upgrade to quartz countertops; If your light fixtures are old enough to vote or order a beer in a bar, it’s time to replace them (or at least give them a very thorough dusting).
Invest in a good (quiet) dishwasher; If your appliances have seen better days, replacing them with midrange stainless-steel appliances is a safe bet, Whittaker says. Top-of-the-line appliances might not be worth the splurge—you won’t always see a return on that investment.
Bring in a crisp, new backsplash; Installing a neutral, clean backsplash can win you points with prospective buyers.
Brighten up the color palette; Dark kitchen cabinets with dark granite is a thing of the past and can make a home hard to sell, especially to millennial buyers
3, Painting before you sell
Painting your home is among the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to increase home values. When you paint Follow neighborhood trends, Look to your neighbors for inspiration. While you may love your magenta exterior paint and purple accents, no one wants to buy the bruise-colored house in the neighborhood.

Real estate Sales Dashboard