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This project pertains to building a Data warehouse for NYC cafes applying for Public Sidewalk space to use it for daily business operation. Cafes and restaurants submit application to different NYC municipalities and once all municipalities have reviewed and approved the applications, the NYC mayor’s office signed off on it then a permit for operation is issued. The project tracks the progress of these application and determines some Key performance indicators involved in the completion and progress of these application.

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Problem Statement

For NYC Cafes to expand operational space on to NYC public side walks by adding Tables and chairs for their customers, they must submit applications to NYC municipalities to gain permits for the expansion. In 2014 when the Average time of approval for a permit was 702 days and even in 2017 when the average time of completion was reduced but still took 284 days to issue permits, these municipalities needed a Solution to be able to identify what Key performance indicators reduce the time of permit approval to better serve business in their community.

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NYC Sidewalk Cafe Project

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NYC Sidewalk Cafe Project

Key Takeaways

NYC Sidewalk Cafe Project NYC Sidewalk Cafe Project

Next Steps

1. With number of applications increasing over time form 2014- 2020. A large increase in the number of applications occurred in from 2018 to 2019 with number of applications jumping from 20 applications in 2017 to 382 applications in 2018 for 1810% increase to a high of 582 applications in 2019, then declined down to 114 applications in 2020 suggesting the Covid 19 pandemic effected business applying for expanding their operation space to sidewalks. I recommend municipalities create a fully online application process for business so in the case of another pandemic lockdown, business can apply for these permits remotely.

2. The time of completion of application was reduced from 2017-2019 as there was an increase in the number of applications that were waived from 6850% increase from 2017 to 2018 and 193% increase in 2019. Lower the time of completion by 42% from 2017-2018 and 23% from 2018-2019 Suggesting, the waving of hearings reduces the time for application approvals. I recommend city municipalities push to waived more application by creating guidelines of how to get application hearing waived for business, so when work to meet these guidelines when they apply the

3. Between 2018-2020 90 applications were able to be processed the same day meaning approval from all city municipalities and mayors off all at once. The structure of these application can be used as a guideline. I recommend City municipalities create a criterion for quick application approvals based on this application so when business apply for side walk operating space to they can see how these applications were structure to get approvals done rapidly.

4.The Max and Min SQF applied for, from 2014-2020 were both in 2018. A business called 675 HUDSON VAULT, LLC was permitted the largest amount of SQF, applied for by any business which was 1300 SQF for 48 tables and 135 chairs, which is was about 500% higher than average SQF applied for that year, while the min SQF permitted was by a business called EAT MADISON LLC for 20 SQF for 1 table and 2 chairs which is 8% of the average SQL applied for in 2018.The average time of completion in 2018 is 168 days. For the max SQF applied it took 190 days to complete taking 13% longer that the average time of completion and for min SQF applied it took 7 days to complete application 95% faster to complete the application compared to the 168 averages for 2018. This suggest that the less SQF applied for the sooner the applications are approved. I recommend applicants try to reduce the amount of SQF they apply for if they wish to get there permit sooner.


NYC Sidewalk Cafe Project




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