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I was looking online and was intrigued by this beautiful post online which then made me want to do this project.
The post is about Red Wine Benefits for Health, Hair, & Skin – 18 Unexpected List
The best red wine produces an intense effect on the body which can kill bacteria present inside the body. It was produced in America for the first time in violet colour. The production is generally noticed through a mixture of dark-coloured grape varieties. The good red wine brands came into existence after 1956. These brands were having benefits for health, skin, and hair. Also, now people look for the oldest which is expensive red wine.
The oldest wine is more capable of producing the best health benefits for old aged people. Since times, the red wine is making its way not just because of its name ‘wine’, but the numerous benefits it always carries. One can look for some popular red wine which is now available everywhere in the world. So, one can enjoy the taste of wine along with numerous benefits. This is very effective for old aged people and youngsters.

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This statistic displays the per capita consumption of wine in Spain in 2016-2021, by type of wine, in liters. Out of the approximately 10.1 liters per capita consumed per Spanish households, still wines accounted for 3.9 liters. With non PDO/PGI wines, they were the most consumed type of wine in Spain that years.


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The data shows Price at $22.41 between 2018 to 2019 an Avg. Price for wine Pedro Ximenez and other segments are significantly higher than others and the price dropped 12% in Pedro Ximenez in 2018, at $17.50 an Avg. Price for wine Pedro Ximenez, therefore I suggest:
A Winery should always analyze whether the price is worth for the product and the returns for the cost.
I suggest a winery should also put their competitor\'s reactions into consideration in their descension making and price design for their industry\'s profitability and to be able to withstand the competitors.
I suggest winery should always consider price war with their competitors.
Data shows Price increase 18% and an Avg. Price at $21.95 for wine Verdejo in 2020 and other segments are significantly higher than others and Price decreased 93% and an Avg. Price at $6.26 for wine Verdejo in 2021 and other segments are significantly higher than others, this indicates there is price war and competitions. Therefore:
I suggest a winery should access what value their consumers place on their products and think about how their consumers will value their product, rating and reviews before they determine the price.
I suggest price monitoring for the products, monitor prices realized at the consumer\'s level and to maintain standard for more profit.


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