Meat Production (2013 -2017)

Project Overview

Meat is an important source of quality protein for human beings worldwide. The initial dataset for this project contained global meat production data from 1961 to 2018. This project provides meat production information of three of the five geographic regions of the African Union namely South Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa for the year 2013 to 2017. Each record represents a year, and includes country name, region name, year, and quantity in tons of different types of livestock produced. Meat types in the dataset include beef, pork, chicken, and others. Sheep, goat, turkey, duck, horse, wild game, camel, goose, and guinea fowl are classified as others meat type. In 2017 Chicken production in Malawi increased 73.6%, while it dropped 24.3 % in the previous year. In 2015 Pork production in Lesotho increased 46.8% but dropped 5.3% in 2016.
This project will help determine producer preferences, inform producers and consumers on variation of quantity and type of meat produced annually within the supply chain.

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Problem Statement

Approximately 340 million tons (with an annual increment of 2.25%) of meat is currently being produced worldwide with poultry, beef, pork, and other types of meat accounting for annual increment of 4.7%, and decrease of 1.1%, 1.1% and 1.95%, respectively, yet livestock farming contributes to 80% of deaths from pollution related to food production. Rising population and income continue to pose a challenge in meat production as demand for quality meat rise.

Executive Summary

Meat Production (2013 -2017)

Data Dictionary

Meat Production (2013 -2017)

Key Takeaways

Meat Production (2013 -2017) Meat Production (2013 -2017) Meat Production (2013 -2017) Meat Production (2013 -2017)

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