Global Landslides 2010 till 2016

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Project Overview

The Global Landslide Catalog (GLC) was developed with the goal of identifying rainfall-triggered landslide events around the world, regardless of size, impacts or location. The GLC considers all types of mass movements triggered by rainfall, which have been reported in the media, disaster databases, scientific reports, or other sources. The GLC has been compiled since 2007 at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

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Problem Statement

Landslides are a serious geologic hazard common to almost every State in the United States. It is estimated that in the United States, they cause in excess of $1 billion in damages and from about 25 to 50 deaths each year. Globally, landslides cause many billions in damages and thousands of deaths each year.

Global Landslides 2010 till 2016

Executive Summary

Global Landslides 2010 till 2016

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Global Landslides 2010 till 2016

Key Takeaways

Global Landslides 2010 till 2016 Global Landslides 2010 till 2016 Global Landslides 2010 till 2016 Global Landslides 2010 till 2016

Next Steps

1. From July till December that time all landslides increased so have to give enough attention to the areas with a history of landslides, by restricting certain types of land use where slope stability is in question and monitoring the level of groundwater.

2. Landslide between Medium and small, so we have to mitigated landslides By Afforestation of lands because tree’s roots help to stop land slide, trying to help reduce climate change because it increases of landslide.

3. modifying slope geometry, using chemical agents to reinforce slope material, installing structures such as piles and retaining walls, grouting rock joints and fissures, diverting debris pathways, and rerouting surface and underwater drainage.