US Eco-Friendly Car Sales 2012-2019

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Being Environmentally conscious is no longer something we need to take for granted, it’s time we consider how our daily choices and actions affect the environment. The consciousness is not limited to the industrial level but also to other things like transportation means we use daily, especially in a country like the United States, where private vehicles are the favorite way of transportation. We have the highest ratio of cars per person in the world and consequently one the highest car emissions as well. 
Automobile emissions are very harmful to the environment. According to the EPA, light duty vehicles emit 58% of all transportation sector emissions. Several companies have joined the caravan to develop automobiles that are eco friendly emitting less pollutants in the air. The market has been adapting, taking advantage of the financial savings by using different categories of eco-friendly cars like full electric, plug-in hybrid as well as hybrid cars. Local governments are also encouraging the growth of the market by giving tax credits and in some cases free charging stations or even free parking to green vehicles.
This analysis will show how the market has changed for the eco friendly cars. It will show the growth Eco friendly car sales market throughout the brands, types, and classes.

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According to EPA, in 2020, Passenger cars were the biggest source of emissions accounting for 41% of global transportation emissions. Therefore, the demand for eco friendly cars, to help save the planet, has grown over the years which led the technology to change so quick while keeping up with the demand. Today, we have several vehicle types: HEV, PHEV, and BEV; as well as new car brands like Nikola, Lucid, Rivian, …etc.

The demand will only keep growing. Based on a worldwide study by Adroit Market Research, “The green cars market is anticipated to reach a market value of USD 802.81 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 22.6% during the forecast time span, 2021-2028.” This Report will look at the growth trends and analyze how the industry help change the current conventional fleet to an Eco-friendly one.

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US Eco-Friendly Car Sales 2012-2019

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US Eco-Friendly Car Sales 2012-2019

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US Eco-Friendly Car Sales 2012-2019 US Eco-Friendly Car Sales 2012-2019

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US Eco-Friendly Car Sales 2012-2019



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