Chicago Crashes on City Streets

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Accidents are multi-factor and random. It is most times unavoidable. Traffic accident leads to loss of life and property. Chicago Police Department (CPD) published data about each traffic crash on city streets within the City of Chicago limits and under their jurisdiction.
The major objective of this project was to analyze and perhaps identify the causes of various street crashes--this gives an insight into the major causes of Chicago street crashes. Identifying the major causes of different crashes also helps to figure out how to avoid similar crashes in the future.

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Problem Statement

The rate of crashes occurring on Chicago Street is worrisome. However, according to research, most of the crashes happen because the roads were not divided, over-speeding, failure to understand traffic signs, One-way drive, and improper parking on streets. Further, the number of hit-and-run crashes in Chicago has skyrocketed over the past year. The past 12 months have seen 36,305 hit-and-run crashes, an average of nearly 100 each day, and an 18.3% increase over the 30,695 that occurred the year before. The negligence of addressing these issues has made crashes on the street keep happening. If some proper measures are not put in place, these crashes will keep happening—this could keep causing damages on the roads, private properties, and injuries. The goal is to ensure that some proper measures are put in place to help drastically reduce the rate of crashes on streets.

Executive Summary

1. There were 113 total crashes per day on Not Divided Roads which is higher than every other traffic type crash. The government agency responsible for fixing Chicago Streets Road should prioritize dividing the road to help reduce the rate of crashes.
2. The total number of hit and run crashes was 81 against only 3 that stopped after a crash, therefore, there should be street cameras at strategic areas to track Hit and Run crashes.
3. 41% of the crashes on the street were caused by improperly packed vehicles, however, the law enforcement agency should ensure that vehicles are not packed in areas that could cause crashes.

4. There should be traffic signs in all Chicago streets and a huge penalty should be imposed on drivers who violated a traffic law

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