Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson

Post Closing Senior Data Analyst

Richardson, Texas, United States.


Hire me if you are looking for someone with an ever expanding skillset. I never stop learning and always seek the best processes. I have a wide variety of life experiences to draw upon to find the best solutions to any problem.

Hours Available / Wk - 45 hrs

Employment History 

  • Senior Post Closing Analyst

    Mr Cooper
    February 2019 - April 2022

    Maintain and improve the accuracy and consistent delivery of our existing corporate and functional dashboards
    Identify gaps in processes/systems and work cross-functionally to implement scalable solutions to improve and automate them
    Assess and flag current and future business risks, identify potential solutions, and track progress towards the solution(s) chosen
    Educate and train new and existing consumers of our analytical output on how they can use data to make better decisions
    Analyze key trends in our business to help improve our monthly and quarterly forecast accuracy
    Work on ad-hoc analyses as requested by the company’s executive staff members
    Regularly streamline processes and workflows to help business leaders consistently meet and exceed company goals

Digital Credentials  

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