Nabeel Awni

Nabeel Awni

SQL / Power BI Developer

Arlington, Texas, United States.


Motivated data analyst with experience in Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Visual studio (SSIS, SSRS &SSAS) & MS Excel. Proficient in creating models, developing visuals, publishing reports and building dashboards alongside developing SSIS packages to Extract, Transform and load (ETL) data, and working with OLTP and OLAP (Data Warehousing) environments.

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs



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Employment History 

  • SQL / Power BI Developer

    Colaberry Inc
    May 2022 - Present

    • Working with Management studio using T-SQL to create tables, views, stored procedures, user-defined functions, joins.
    • Utilizing SSIS Package to Extract Data from different sources like SQL database, XML, Excel then transform, clean and load the data.
    • Use agile methodology while working on complex projects and breaking them into sprints.
    • Working with Power BI to Get data from various sources, transform data in power query and load it.
    • Create visuals, reports, dashboards, based on customers’ requirements using Power BI & SSRS.
    • Create KPIs using complex DAX functions and publishing reports in Power BI service.
    • Implemented row-level security to restrict data access.
    • Working with Star schema in data warehousing.

  • Senior Pharmacist

    Iraqi Ministry of Health
    October 1996 - August 2021

    • Working with MS Excel to Create sheets for annual medication needs.
    • Compare the current needs with the need form the previous Year using MS Excel
    • Perform analytical studies about medication shortages and surplus using MS Excel

Digital Credentials  

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