Hosborn Keango

Hosborn Keango

SQL / Power BI Developer

Mckinney, Texas, United States.


Am a results-driven and collaborative data analyst with over 5 years of experience in Microsoft Power BI. Skilled in designing, developing, deploying, and visualizing business reports, I bring expertise in data visualization and a strong proficiency in developing SSIS packages for efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). Additionally, I have experience working using Microsoft SQL Server in both OLTP and OLAP (Data warehousing) environments, enabling me to effectively analyze and leverage data for actionable insights.

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs

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Employment History 

  • SQL / Power BI Developer

    Colaberry Inc
    June 2018 - Present

    • Develop and design interactive dashboards and reports using Power BI, providing actionable insights to stakeholders.
    • Conduct data analysis and identify trends and patterns to drive data-driven decision making and improve business outcomes.
    • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to develop innovative data solutions that meet specific business needs.
    • Implement robust data validation checks to enhance data quality and accuracy, ensuring reliable analysis and reporting.
    • Utilize SQL Server to analyze large datasets, extracting valuable insights and informing strategic decision making.
    • Design and maintain efficient SSIS packages for seamless data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes.
    • Create comprehensive reports using SSRS, delivering valuable insights to stakeholders for informed decision making.
    • Facilitate Agile/Scrum processes for software development teams, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products.
    • Coordinate daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning, and retrospectives, fostering effective communication and collaboration.
    • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to identify and resolve challenges, promoting efficient project execution.