Gabriel Sibomana

Gabriel Sibomana

Power BI Developer

Wells, Maine, United States.


I am the qualified candidate with extensive expertise in Microsoft technologies and a proven track record in designing, implementing, and optimizing complex BI solutions with Power BI. My exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills ensure data-driven decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency. Furthermore, my strong communication and project management abilities enable me to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and consistently deliver high-quality results on time.

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs

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Employment History 

  • Power BI Developer

    January 2021 - Present

    - Develop BI Solutions: Design and optimize Power BI reports, dashboards, and data models.
    - SQL Development: Create and manage SQL objects such as tables, stored procedures, functions, views, indexes, and triggers.
    - Data Integration: Architect ETL processes using SSIS to facilitate seamless data transfer from OLTP to OLAP environments.
    - Data Warehousing: Manage Slowly Changing Dimensions during data warehouse loading processes.
    - Reporting: Develop Drill-down, Matrix, and Chart reports, and manage parameterized and scheduled reports through custom queries.