Power BI Developer

Plano, Texas, United States.


I am a business intelligence developer experienced in Power BI, T-SQL, and MSBI. I am highly motivated effective team member with excellent analytical, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills.
I have had a chance to work with different industries such as sales, mortgages and financial institutions.
My Skills are Power BI suite (Power Q, Power pivot, Power BI Desktop and service), SQL, SSIS, Data modelling and MS office suite (word, Power Point, Excel and MS Access).
I currently work for Colaberry Inc. which is a consulting firm as a Power BI Developer, since I have the chance to work on different projects.
Develop 3 to 4 visuals for each report and developed dashboard with KPI’S, get the data from different sources (SQL, Excel, and more using Power Query in power BI to transform the data with solving null values and data issues, develop calculated columns and measure using DAX (Data Analysis Expression) and in the end publish the report using Power BI Service and make Power BI available in customers web and Mobil app. Detail documents using case tracking software and internal communication using Basecamp.
Also, I have experience with SQL creating tables with T-SQL and define their relations by using constraint. Working closely with the Development team to provide support for database objects like store procedures and views.
I have experience with ETL process of extract data from sources like CSV, XML, OLTP and Flat File with create SSIS packages using data flow multiple transformation and tasks such as data conversions and conditional split to make sure the data is being exported over into the database correctly. I started building and designing report using Power BI Desktop. Just extract, transform and load using Power Query in Power BI Desktop and create relationship between tables in Power BI model, built calculated measure and KPI’s using the Dax.
I believe that my experience with technology, specifically in Power BI, make me the best match for this position. As a team player, I truly enjoyed working in a team setting. I would love to bring my skills and experience I learned to this position at your company.

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs

Employment History 

  • BI /Power BI Developer

    Colaberry Inc
    January 2018 - Present

    •Extracted data from various sources like CSV, XML, OLTP Source and Flat files sometimes using SSIS.
    •Created various SSIS packages using multiple transformations and tasks like Sequence, For Each Loop container, Execute SQL, Send Mail, Conditional Split, Data conversion, Derived Column, Merge Join and Lookup •Build SSIS packages with Error handling and notification techniques, to maintain integrity and notify responsible parties •Writing T-SQL stored procedures, constraints, and views, using various DDL and DML commands •Designing and developing SSRS reports using data from ETL loads, Data Wearhouse •Creating tables with T-SQL and define their relations by using constraint •Working closely with the Development team to provide support for database objects like store procedures and views •Building Extract packages in SSIS for sources like CSV, JSON files and HTML, and loading it into staging database.
    •Building a Transformation packages with other developers (Error handling packages) to clean and maintain data integrity •Building SSRS reports and dashboards with cascade parameter and filters based on the client requirements, by using a stored procedure that I created •Working with senior developers to design and build a data warehouse, by creating fact tables and dimensions •Built slowly changing dimensions by using merge statement and SSIS, for a data mart in the data warehouse •Support and troubleshoot existing production report and complex data issues (SQL, SSRS, SSIS) •Participated in requirements meetings and data mapping sessions to understand the client needs •Developed 2 to 3 visuals options for each report and developed two dashboards with KPIs based on the client requirements.
    •Resolve inconsistencies, unexpected or null values, and data quality issues •Make changes and transform the data, also merge, and append the data from different sources using Power Query in power BI.
    •Developed calculated columns and measures using Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
    •Created Apps for the reports using Power BI service •Provided continued maintenance and development of bug fixes for existing and new Power BI reports •Extract, Transform, and load using power Query in power BI, and create relationship between tables in Power BI model •Build calculated measure, and KPIs using Dax in power BI to satisfy Business needs •Created and developed 2 dashboards with high level views of some key KPIs, plus other reports based on the business needs.

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