Abdullahi Amoo

Abdullahi Amoo

Power BI/SQL Developer

Irving, Texas, United States.


Hello again, My name is Abdullahi Amoo, I am a certified data analyst and Microsoft certified Power BI data analyst. I have been working for the past 5 years as a Business Intelligence developer with Power BI as my primary focus and working in different domains like insurance, Healthcare, Conversational commerce, and most recently real estate. I have gained knowledge in T-SQL by working with various SQL SERVER version(2016/2019), Power BI Desktop and Power BI service PRO version.
With Power BI, I have worked with sources like sql, Excel, smartsheet, Azure SSAS. I have created reports for different departments like sales, marketing, finance and HR with the use of of Power BI visualization tools like Matrices, Tables, Bar chart, Stacked column charts, Line graphs. I have published reports to Power BI service that contained Calculated columns and measures with DAX, Conditional formatting, drilldown and drillthrough.
Currently, I am working for Colaberry Inc which is a consulting firm as a Power BI Developer. My time there at colaberry, I had the opportunity to work on various Projects which involves creating reports, dashboards and as a team player on several projects. Recently, I completed a project that required me to display several visual reports for the real estate industry visualizing House Price Index within various region in US, I was able to build the report from scratch and published it to power BI service for end users consumption.
In this report, I visualized Sales Volume by Year/Quarter/Month, Sales Volume by Region, Sales Volume in Connection with Average Price and House Price Index and a map visual of the region in context and the Key Performance Indicators(KPI) are SalesV YoY%, Avg Price YoY% and HPI YoY%. I am so proud of this project because this report provide actionable insight and detailed analysis and offer solutions to end users such as Government, researchers, Developers and Investors on how to track and monitor recent house price changes in real estate.
Beside my technical experience, I am good at working alone and a team player. Above all, I am the type of person that will work extended hours to ensure the tasks at hand is completed to meet deadlines. And I believe this will be of tremendous value to the project when I get on board.
Also, I am a solution oriented, problem solver and self motivated individual who can thrives in challenging and fast pace environment, while working towards mission and value of organization i found myself

Hours Available / Wk - 40 hrs

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Employment History 

  • Power BI/SQL Developer

    Colaberry Inc
    June 2016 - Present

    • Developed intelligence-sharing dashboards, providing company-wide access to collected data
    • Developed and managed dashboards, Reports & Datasets using [Power BI,DAX & Power Query Editor].
    • Wrote and optimized SQL statements to assist business intelligence practices.
    • Improved data gathering, analysis and visualization procedures with strategic optimizations.
    • Integrated BI assets into customer relationship management tasks, improving service personnel's available intelligence.
    • Developed new and modified existing stored procedures, queries, user-defined functions, and using SQL.
    • Involved in requirement gathering meetings to understand requirements and future usage for the reports and documented them.
    • Drafted strategic business intelligence roadmap, complete with data governance policies and tactical information safeguards.
    • Designed customized data collection models for specific visualization tasks
    • Designed SSIS Packages to transfer data from SQL Server, Excel, XML, and flat files to Data Warehouse loading Dimensional and Fact tables.
    • Designed and implemented scalable applications for data extraction and analysis.
    • Utilized Power BI to create dynamic reports and dashboards with Drill down and Drill through.

Digital Credentials  

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